Friday, 2 March 2012

what it is, i dont know !

what it is, i dont know,
why it is, i dont know,
it is somthing different,
it is something for the first time,
a way different or a mile away.
m always scared of it,
but it happenned again to me.

why this time,
again m with the same situation,
where i cannot get you ,
or you cannot get me.
you are a way different,
and i m a way different.
then why i ve been stucked with your smile.

dont know whether its right or wrong,
but i have started to like someone,
neither its love nor its F'ship,
and i dont know the name of this relationship
just like to see you all the time.
n when you are not around,
it makes me to think of you.

like to see you smiling,
n in love with those.
if possible for me,
wont let you go away.
will sit in front of you,
keep looking in your eyes.

why its tough this time,
just coz i like smone again
why love is still scared of me.
why way is too different.
My feeling are not fake,
but i cant expose it.
just want you to find it,
who is true in your life.

I wish i could tell you,
what i feel for you.
how i want to see  you,
and what i and hoping for.
hopes are useless,
wait is reskless,
as its a fact,
you wont feel the same i feel for you.

craving for you,
but i cant get
sacred of something
that i would lose you.
Far from you , but still so near
near to you , but still do Far.

this is the end of my feeling,
which was just started
as you not mend for me
and m just a story.
stopping feeling right here.
bless you with your dream gurl.

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