Friday, 2 March 2012

Thats it... I want for now & all...

It is just you,  that all i want
It is just you, that all i Wish
It is just you, That all I Luv
It is just you, That all i Fall for.

Come in my life and touch me,
Make me glow like your soul
Be a dew drop on a bud
& touch my soul like a Luv

Waiting for you Unlike you do,
You are unaware what I do,
My luv is pure, It is for you,
But U don’t respect it, Do You?

You are not sure about anything,
Whenever I ask then “You don’t know”,
Its not like that, If i luv you
Coz i Wont luv if you wont do.

Why to wait, why to hol,
If you luv me &? I luv you
But you still waiting for someone,
& i keep on luving you

I am insane and crazy for you,
But thats the way i love you,
You still unaware what i do,
& You don’t wanna  get a clue.

Dipping hopes makes me scared,
Its not worth to loose your love,
I lost it so many times,
So know the worth if someone luvs you

Have a hold as long as you can,
Once i go i wont come back,
Love my soul,love me all
Thats it  i want for now and all

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