Friday, 2 March 2012

Crying Heart...

Just feeling to say something,
Just wanna tell you everything,
But dont want you to listen to it,
Wannt you to accept it as well.
Have no one who will do so,
Have no one who will listen.
Things will remain undone,
Things will remain Unsaid,
M not going to Express,
M not going to Cry out.

M going Out,
M going away,
Away from you,
you and everyone,
Where I will be going,
Cant say anything,
What I will be doing,
Nobody knows.
Just Alone and Away,
As nothing new.

You hurt me Today,
As you ever do,
Then you say,
Its only you.
things getting Complicated,
As time passing by.
Nothing is in our Favour,
Just getting Distraction.
Time to Say Last word,
Time to Feel Last Moment,
But what is Last,
You never know.

Want to be free,
Get out of all this,
Want to be loved,
& kissed by Sm1.
Want sm1 to take my pain,
& leave me with all Peace.

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