Saturday, 24 March 2012

Here I am... Here we are...

Well this is all about me, you and everyone. No matter where we are, what are we doing and how life is treating us. However somewhere and somehow we all are missing the actual “WE”... Isn’t it ? ask your self then... today everyone is busy with their own life and they are leaving the things behind. No matter what thing they are missing on from their busy could be anything, may it be bunking office or college or just asking your mom and dad, hey dad hey mom how are you guys?.... quite strange .. but we have been doing it now a days as WE always say "I have been keeping busy."

Today I had a hold of some of my old friend. Amit Singh, I have been knowing him more than 4 years now. Worked with him few years back... and met him in an induction of my Ex-company. he was a good looking guy, pretty thin, rules breaker, fight caller, argument master and quite nonsense & pretty indisciplined guy... well it was the guy whom I met 4 years back. but a true hearted guy. We have been pretty good friends and still good friends of each other.

When I met this guys he was quite a stupid guy(in good sense), never used to respect anyone, used to carry  a lot of attitude, never used to follow rule, never used to attend training session, never obeys to his words... in short he was perfectly imperfect guy. But with the passage of time when I started to interact with Amit and started to know him, I found him a nice genuine guy with all his imperfects.

Few years back he never respected the time. He just wanted fun all around. He wanted parties, bunks, drinks, dopes, time with friends, anything to save friend and girl Friends ... whatever he wanted is a different part but he was with his Real Life. He has been himself that time. He never used to miss anything in life. Whatever he wanted to he used to do it.. Come what may... it was like he was the only one in this universe who was enjoying his life to the fullest.

Then I got to talk to him recently... after a long time. I was quite surprised and shocked after I spoke to him. He changed drastically. Now he is pretty mature, talks sense and takes life seriously... all of sudden I found him out of everything he used to be few years back. Now he is quite serious about his life, his career and his future.  Earlier he used think of only present but now he thinks 5 years from now. We were just talking and he just said I want to make friends. And I was pretty shocked when he said so, as he was the same guy who used to surround by friends. Then he said he is pretty stuck with his job, meetings, projects and all...not getting time to go out and is feeling quite lonely now and then I realised he is been missing all that which he used to do and he lost himself a long way back. He lost his innocence, cuteness and fun luving person. Today he got into work and professional life so much that he is  missing the Actual person in him.

I have no idea how tough it is for one to get a desired life. but whatever it is, you shouldn’t lose the real actual person in you. Everyone is busy today... but you should take out some time for yourself and your loved ones... again it is individuals choice what they want and how they want to carry on with this life.  after all life goes on, no matter what...

Just a small experience that I wanted to share.. J

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